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Widows Need Help


Widows Need Help

We need six volunteers with Pick-up trucks of SUV’s to assist in picking up donated groceries and taking them to Cannstatters. They will be distributed to our widows at our annual Widows Luncheon on the following Monday.

When: Friday November 22, @ 10:00am (It should take just over an hour)

Where: ShopRite at 9900 Morrell Ave.

If you can assist, call Tommy Kane 215-917-7236



PFD Exam


Local 22 will be investigating the Firefighter Entrance Exam along with the results, and scoring. We request any member who took the exam to send an email to, subject line "PFD Exam" with your contact information, ranking on the list, and score (with or without points).




Any member who has not received their clothing check, please email that information to 

We will initiate the proper procedures for making you whole.

Raymond Vozzelli


OnePhilly Update

Please read.

Leave Balances - We are happy to report that leave balances on member's paystubs should be accurate as of the most recent pay cycle (PPE 11/03/19).  We have spot checked a handful of members and have found their paystub information to be accurate based on their personal records.  As always, it is strongly recommended that each member reconcile their own information on a regular basis.  If a member feels that the information on their paystubs is not accurate at this time, you will need to provide detailed information supporting your data to Local 22 and we will take appropriate actions to address your concerns.  As a reminder, Local 22 set up a hotline for members to attain their leave balances as of 03/24/19 which was the last day under the old payroll system.  That should assist you in reconciling your information.  If you would like that information, please send an email to and be sure to include your payroll number. 


Direct Deposit - Some members may have received "pay cards"  with their recent paychecks.  Beginning with PPE 11/17/19, any member who is not signed up for direct deposit will receive their pay amounts as a deposit to these pay cards in lieu of the usual paper checks.  This was supposed to begin with the switch over to the new One Philly payroll system, but due to the numerous problems it was delayed until now.  The card looks like a standard ATM card issued by MasterCard.  Instructions for use were included with the card.  To be clear...if you do not participate in direct deposit your next pay check will be issued via these cards so please prepare accordingly for the change. 


We are expecting overtime labels for any overtime paid in a given pay period to begin appearing on pay stubs within the next few pay cycles. 


Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity for Retirees!
Opportunity for retirees driving, delivering prescriptions for Friendship Pharmacy in Mayfair. Driving to one of 2 locations from 5PM to 8:00-8:30 PM.  Nursing Homes Located in Media and/or Doylestown. Must be cell phone savvy as there be will an app provided. Their vehicle and gas $ provided by pharmacy.   Looking for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Must be courteous to staff and patients. All inquiries please call Joe Breen at 215 205 8848.



LAST CALL FOR LOCAL 22 CALENDAR PICTURES AND/OR DATES. Please send anything you have to

Widows Fund Donation

Widows Fund Donation and Volunteers for Widows Luncheon


Dear Members:

This is the 32nd year we are calling our active members to contribute to our annual Widow’s Holiday Fund. Because of your generosity, we are able to:

·         Distribute a $150 check to all Widows


·         Host a Thanksgiving Luncheon and


·         Deliver a Thanksgiving Food Basket to local widows.


Some widows receive a Pension below the poverty level, so your contribution means a great deal. Please read a small sampling of “Thank You” letters we received just last year.  It warms your heart to know that you made a difference and are appreciated abundantly for your generosity.

Once again, we are asking each member to contribute $20 in order to continue this tradition for our gracious and grateful survivors.

I am asking the Steward or designated member to take the collection in your station. Please bring your returns to Local 22 no later than November’s union meetings on November 5th and November 7th.

These deserving women are members of our extended firefighting family and this gift signifies that they are not forgotten.

This is the season for giving, so let us be generous to our own.



Michael Bresnan

President, Local 22







NOVEMBER 25, 2019






It’s that time of year, when we reach out to our members requesting help with the Thanksgiving Widows’ Luncheon. Once again it will be held at Cannstatter’s, 9130 Academy Rd. Philadelphia, Pa. 19114.


We will need volunteers for the following:


  • Assembling food baskets on Monday Morning 7 AM and
  • Chauffer’s to drive the widows to and from the luncheon


To Volunteer, please call Local 22 at 215-440-4400 and we will add you to the list. Joe Tracy will contact you as the date approaches.


We appreciate your help in the past and we look forward to seeing some new faces this year.


Thank you.






Michael Bresnan

President, Local 22


E43L09 Housing

E43L09 Housing Ceremony

Parking will  be available in front of station. If no parking spots available, The lot next door has offered us discounted parking for the day for $8.00.

BC Broll Last Night

BC Broll's Last night in the Firehouse

Retirement Party at Engine 58 Firehouse on December 8th, from 6pm till ??

42 Years of service!!!

Come out and say goodbye to one of the best

Union Gram 19-07

Union Gram 19-07
# 19-07
October 29, 2019
One Philly
7.1 During our most recent weekly update, the One Philly team reported that the following issues have been resolved and should be reflected in our next pay cycle:
• Hazmat Premium Pay will be accurate.
• Hazmat OT pay will be accurate.
• Hazmat Longevity pay will be accurate.
7.2 In essence, the 3% Haz Mat calculation has not been accurate, and that issue is resolved. The Philadelphia Wage Tax rate has been adjusted to reflect the lower rate that was effective July 1, 2019. A refund, although minimal, will be in your paycheck before year’s end.
7.3 In the near future, we expect a few additional major issues to be resolved:
• OT Location on Fire paystubs should be resolved in the next two pay cycles. This means that that all OT payments that are included in each paycheck will be listed on that paystub.
• Leave balances (sick, vacation, AL, Comp) will reflect accurately on your paystub for the first time since One Philly went live within the next two pay cycles. This is a huge issue that has impacted the majority of our members. We will blast out a message once we have confirmation that this issue has been resolved so members can reconcile their balances accordingly

Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute Discount Tickets

Hello Local 22 Members:


I hope you are having a great October.  I wanted to send you an update with a new code that our Local can use on Franklin Institute tickets for the upcoming special exhibit.


On October 19, the museum will open a world premier exhibit that will be the first of its kind in Philadelphia.  Based on the internationally bestselling book series, The Worst Case Scenario: Survival Experience, the exhibit is an immersive, hands-on experience that challenges guests to think about how to survive in unbelievable (yet plausible!), situations.  Do you have what it takes to jump between cars on a moving train?  How about the ability to detect a lie?  The ability to survive in quicksand?  In this exhibit you’ll be faced with wildly ridiculous scenarios, you will experience them firsthand, and then you will learn about real people who have survived to tell their stories. 


As always, members of Local 22 can save up to 20% off oftickets.  Follow three easy steps.


  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account
  3. Purchase tickets using your organization specific code: PFF22GRP
  4. Enjoy The Franklin Institute!



Local 22


Missing Overtime

One Philly Update - Missing Overtime

Through an internal audit of our most recent payroll processing (Thursday September 26), it was discovered that approximately 75 of our members were shorted overtime dollars that were to be paid to them today.  The bulk of these members were part of the most recent FEMA deployment.  Local 22 has been working closely with PFD payroll since last evening to address this issue and it was agreed today that these missing overtime payments would be processed as a special supplemental payroll immediately.  Members who were affected should expect a second deposit into their normal direct deposit account in the next few days.  As always, members are reminded to monitor their pay for accuracy.   

Assis. Pension Rep

our Union, Local 22, is searching for an Assistant Pension/Retirement Representative to work in conjunction with the existing Pension Representative

Your Union, Local 22, is searching for an Assistant Pension/Retirement Representative to work in conjunction with the existing Pension Representative.  The ideal candidate should:


  • Have an aptitude and passion for working with numbers.
  • Possess very strong interpersonal and communication skills as you will be working regularly with our 4,000+ active and retired members and their spouses. 
  • Be comfortable and proficient speaking in front of crowds as you will be tasked with delivering presentations to incoming cadet classes as well as groups of active members. 
  • Be self-motivated in order to provide timely and accurate information to our members when necessary.


This position currently requires one day per week (Monday through Friday) with the possibility of expending to two days per week in the future.  Members who are interested should send a brief resume or letter stating their interest and relevant work history to . We will be sure to announce this opening at our October union meetings and letters of interest will be accepted through the second union meeting in November to be sure all members in good standing have an opportunity to apply.  We have a very educated and motivated group of members and I look forward to tapping into some of that talent as we further our mission.  Feel free to reach out with any questions. 


Brian Coughlin


2020 Calendar

2020 Calendar
Anyone with fire/ems pictures and/or dates for the 2020 calendar please send them to me at If we get enough pictures we may do an additional digital magazine for everyone to have as well, so please send in event, pieings, group, etc pics along with the fire and action pics. Thank you in advance.

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