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Union Gram 20-02


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Watchdesk App

See below for more details on the new app



Historically, having to prove to the city that your Cancer or any other type of disease/illness was caused by being a First Responder was almost impossible. Local 22 has fought countless cases and less than 1% has been settled as an actual “On the Job-Related Illness”. Our entire careers we’ve watched so many Brothers and Sisters literally die trying to get acknowledgment for something seemed so just. Why is it so hard to prove? Why can’t they just see how being on the job for all these years, exposed to so many different things, is the reason now we have what we have? What about our families and who’s going to take care of them; wasn’t I was supposed to, weren’t we? Why are we all being Denied!? I’ll tell you why, submitting a piece of paper to the city stating that your illness was job related, with no supporting documentation, is an uphill battle already lost.

Hold on a second. What if we had a resource that could document every run, every exposure, even store pictures of the scene, or any other important information? What if we had this from day 1 on the job? What would the outcome be now if we were able to upload all that information, pictures included, and put thousands of pages in front of someone for review? What do you think the end result would be now? Let’s find out.

Local 22 has been working with a company in order to create an app for our members to document everything in their careers. This app will be located on your very own homepage (TITLED: “MY WATCHDESK”) of the website ( and only you can create, review and edit. Also, within this app you are able to “Tag” those you worked with so that information can be shared amongst each other. Last and so important, you can just click on the camera in the app, and start taking pics to upload and save forever. Can you imagine showing a Judge or someone pics of a chemical spill, burnt out contents, or any other important pic that says 1000 words? This is going to be truly amazing.

On a lighter note, wouldn’t it be great to record a “Diary” of every run you’ve had in your career? Wouldn’t it be awesome to look back at the past 10, 20, 30+ years to reminisce and share with family, friends and co-workers? Recently there was a book released by one of Local 22’ great chief’s that shared so many revealing stories of his 37 years of service. With this app you can do just that, we’re not saying write a book, we’re talking about having that “Log” of your career at your fingertips. Now finally, with the “Watchdesk” app, you will be able to document your history forever.

Now while this app is almost ready for release, we have decided to launch the live web version on the website for your review and use. Please feel free to send any helpful feedback to make this APP even better to

Thank you all

IN Brotherhood

Travel Agent

Looking for Travel Agent to help with Team USA travel

I am the GM for Team USA Inline Hockey we need to send 40 players and Coaches to Columbia 

June 27th to July 5th and 40 more July 4th to July 12th

I have to also send 23 people to Waikiki this October.

Anyone do this for a living????

Contact Chalie Sgrillo at



Firefighters in need

12 Of our brothers affected by the recent Earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

Good Day Brothers and Sisters, 

I am reaching out to you for a small donation request. The donation is for the displaced Firefighters of Puerto Rico's Fire Department. 12 Firefighters and their families have been affected by the earthquakes and are currently displaced from their homes. I am requesting that every member find it in their hearts to donate $5 to this cause. 
The money collected will be evenly distributed among the Firefighters. For transparency purposes, if anyone would like to accompany us to the island to volunteer and give the money to the firefighters, you are more than welcome to come. 
SAPFA, is working on several different fund raisers at the present for the island, and once they are over, we will be going to the island.
Please contact me for any additional information.
Thank you in advance, 
FF. Demetrio Olivieri 

Red Paw Responders Needed

Red Paw is looking for volunteer and/or per-diem responders to help us keep responding 24/7/365.
Red Paw is currently looking for qualified volunteer and/or per-diem responders to help us cover several shifts the have recently opened up. Responders must be firefighters or PFD members.
Please email if you are interested or have any questions.

Assistant Chief Anthony Sneidar's Last Night In The Firehouse

See attached Flyer

See Attached Flyer

ALA Fight for Air Stair Climb: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

ALA Fight for Air Stair Climb: REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

Brothers and Sisters:

Registration for the 2020 American Lung Association (ALA) Fight for Air Stair Climb is now open! The climb will be on March 28, 2020 at 03 Logan Square, downtown. Local 22 members participate in this climb every year climbing 50 flights/1088 steps side-by-side with other members. Once again this year we are climbing in solidarity for Battalion Chief John Narkin who continues his courageous fight with cancer. We hope that every firehouse across the city is represented at this climb with Chief Narkin. This event qualifies as a Health and Wellness Program incentive.

Online registration must be completed by following the directions attached to this email.

All questions regarding the stair climb and registration should be directed to Corey Hullings, Engine 01 at 856-505-9420 or



Important Announcement


If you know anyone who gets injured on a fireground after normal working hours, please notify Local 22 at 215-440-4400, and follow the prompts.


Thank you

Lieutenant Willard Miller

See below.

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the death of Retired Lieutenant Willard Miller who passed away on January 28th, 2020. He retired on January 1st, 2005 out of Engine 33.

If anyone would like to send their condolences, you may send it to us at Local 22, and we will pass it along to the family. No funeral services are scheduled at this time.


Pepsi Machine at Engine 69

See below

Engine 69 has an extra Pepsi machine that they are selling for $200. Give the station a call if you're interested.

2020 RFFA Calendar Decommissioned Stations

Listed below is the cheat sheet for the RFFA Calendar Decommissioned Stations. Again this is for the RFFA Calendar (the black & white calendar) mailed out to retired members of the RFFA only.

Cheat sheet for the RFFA Calendar Decommissioned Stations

Jan. E46 Water & Reed - L
E34 1327 N. 27th St - R
Feb. L01 2130 Fairmount Av - L
E10 8th & Morris Sts - R
Mar E56 7959 Fillmore St - L
E06. 1120 E. Montgomery - R
Apr E67,L06 Preston & Haverford -L
E28 3068 Belgrade St - R
May E58 Byberry & Worthington - L
E65 5331 Haverford Av - R
Jun Phila Fire College - L
E38 New Station - R
L02 300 Blk Race St - R
Jul. E07 2067 E. Clearfield St - L
E15. Howard & Columbia - R
Aug E03 117 Queen St - L
E08 2nd & Quarry Sts - R
Sept E29,L7, 1221 N. 4th St - L
L10 1628 Church St - R
Oct. L08. Gtn. & Bringhurst - L
E11. 1016 South St - R
Nov E31,BC6, 6th & Lehigh Av - L
L03. 2nd & Norris Sts - R
Dec E68,L13, 50th & Baltimore Av - L
E21. 2nd & Spring Garden - L
L05 752 S. 16th St. - R

FSP Gregory Browne


All Donations for the family of FSP Greg Browne will be collected at Ladder 5 by Liaison John Bell not E 59.  Thank you.

Union Gram 20-1


See Attached.

A message from the Darreff Family

Thank you from the Darreff Family
We wanted to pass along this message we received earlier today from Phil Darreff, Bob Darreff's son: My mother and I want to thank you and the department for all that you did for my father during his hospital stay and for the honors at the funeral. We are immensely thankful for the donations and support. Furthermore, we are very appreciative and forever grateful that the members of Engine 56 and other companies remained by my dad’s side in solidarity for the duration of his journey, it was truly amazing. We wish you and the entire Philadelphia Fire Department a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020. From, The Darreff Family

Capt. & Lt. Promotional List 2019

Congrats to all

Attached is the Captain and Lieutenant Promotional Lists Combined as a single PDF

New Gym For Members

Southampton FIT has Signed to support out Health Plan Members

Southampton FIT is located at:

60 James Way

Southampton, PA 18966

Just minutes from County Line and Bustleton

Please see attached Flyer

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity for Retirees!
Opportunity for retirees driving, delivering prescriptions for Friendship Pharmacy in Mayfair. Driving to one of 2 locations from 5PM to 8:00-8:30 PM.  Nursing Homes Located in Media and/or Doylestown. Must be cell phone savvy as there be will an app provided. Their vehicle and gas $ provided by pharmacy.   Looking for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Must be courteous to staff and patients. All inquiries please call Joe Breen at 215 205 8848.

Union Gram 19-07

Union Gram 19-07
# 19-07
October 29, 2019
One Philly
7.1 During our most recent weekly update, the One Philly team reported that the following issues have been resolved and should be reflected in our next pay cycle:
• Hazmat Premium Pay will be accurate.
• Hazmat OT pay will be accurate.
• Hazmat Longevity pay will be accurate.
7.2 In essence, the 3% Haz Mat calculation has not been accurate, and that issue is resolved. The Philadelphia Wage Tax rate has been adjusted to reflect the lower rate that was effective July 1, 2019. A refund, although minimal, will be in your paycheck before year’s end.
7.3 In the near future, we expect a few additional major issues to be resolved:
• OT Location on Fire paystubs should be resolved in the next two pay cycles. This means that that all OT payments that are included in each paycheck will be listed on that paystub.
• Leave balances (sick, vacation, AL, Comp) will reflect accurately on your paystub for the first time since One Philly went live within the next two pay cycles. This is a huge issue that has impacted the majority of our members. We will blast out a message once we have confirmation that this issue has been resolved so members can reconcile their balances accordingly

Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute Discount Tickets

Hello Local 22 Members:


I hope you are having a great October.  I wanted to send you an update with a new code that our Local can use on Franklin Institute tickets for the upcoming special exhibit.


On October 19, the museum will open a world premier exhibit that will be the first of its kind in Philadelphia.  Based on the internationally bestselling book series, The Worst Case Scenario: Survival Experience, the exhibit is an immersive, hands-on experience that challenges guests to think about how to survive in unbelievable (yet plausible!), situations.  Do you have what it takes to jump between cars on a moving train?  How about the ability to detect a lie?  The ability to survive in quicksand?  In this exhibit you’ll be faced with wildly ridiculous scenarios, you will experience them firsthand, and then you will learn about real people who have survived to tell their stories. 


As always, members of Local 22 can save up to 20% off oftickets.  Follow three easy steps.


  1. Go to
  2. Login or create an account
  3. Purchase tickets using your organization specific code: PFF22GRP
  4. Enjoy The Franklin Institute!



Local 22


Missing Overtime

One Philly Update - Missing Overtime

Through an internal audit of our most recent payroll processing (Thursday September 26), it was discovered that approximately 75 of our members were shorted overtime dollars that were to be paid to them today.  The bulk of these members were part of the most recent FEMA deployment.  Local 22 has been working closely with PFD payroll since last evening to address this issue and it was agreed today that these missing overtime payments would be processed as a special supplemental payroll immediately.  Members who were affected should expect a second deposit into their normal direct deposit account in the next few days.  As always, members are reminded to monitor their pay for accuracy.   

Assis. Pension Rep

our Union, Local 22, is searching for an Assistant Pension/Retirement Representative to work in conjunction with the existing Pension Representative

Your Union, Local 22, is searching for an Assistant Pension/Retirement Representative to work in conjunction with the existing Pension Representative.  The ideal candidate should:


  • Have an aptitude and passion for working with numbers.
  • Possess very strong interpersonal and communication skills as you will be working regularly with our 4,000+ active and retired members and their spouses. 
  • Be comfortable and proficient speaking in front of crowds as you will be tasked with delivering presentations to incoming cadet classes as well as groups of active members. 
  • Be self-motivated in order to provide timely and accurate information to our members when necessary.


This position currently requires one day per week (Monday through Friday) with the possibility of expending to two days per week in the future.  Members who are interested should send a brief resume or letter stating their interest and relevant work history to . We will be sure to announce this opening at our October union meetings and letters of interest will be accepted through the second union meeting in November to be sure all members in good standing have an opportunity to apply.  We have a very educated and motivated group of members and I look forward to tapping into some of that talent as we further our mission.  Feel free to reach out with any questions. 


Brian Coughlin


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