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Contested election for President of the IAFF

Please login to the website and vote the survey.  It's in the member's area under the survey button.  There needs to be more participation.   

Naturally Slim 2021

New enrollment info

Local 22 Health Plan is proud to announce the Naturally Slim Program enrollment period for the 2021 winter program. Space is limited - Apply between 01/11/2021 and 01/22/2021.

See attached file for more info.

Overpayment of Wages

See below.

Local 22 was made aware that a number of our members have been overpaid in some fashion since the inception of One Philly in March 2019.  We have been working closely with PFD payroll to monitor this and believe the overpayments reported are indeed accurate.  We were able to get the specific pay periods and reasons for each member's overpayment, so please call your Union and speak with Ashley Scott if you require that information.  However, due to the relatively large number of members that are impacted by this, we wanted to make everyone aware that if you get a repayment notice from The City please verify it's accuracy on your own as well.  


We were able to negotiate favorable repayment terms that will allow members to pay as little as $50/pay if they so choose.  A repayment agreement form (sample attached) will be sent to each impacted member this week asking you to elect repayment terms. If you do not respond by 12/31/20, the minimum of $50/ play will be deducted until the total due is satisfied. 


As always, please let us know if you have any questions and we will continue monitor the situation.  


Payment for Health Insurance Opt Out

See below.

This message is only for active members who opted to not utilize our Health Coverage in lieu of cash payment per our labor contract.  


The opt out payments for members who declined health coverage will be processed this week, 12/11/20. They will be processed as direct deposit. If this pertains to you, it is recommended that you monitor your account for this payment and work with your bank/credit union to avoid unintentional automated payments that would normally come from your regular paycheck.  

Local 22 SAVER Survey

See below.

Thank you for your participation in the SAVER Survey. This is the last monthly survey assessment. You’ll be asked to complete this survey twice more, in December and February which is when the SAVER project ends.


This survey is led by the Center for Firefighter Injury Research and Safety Trends (FIRST) at Drexel University and will help us understand the impact of the SAVER Model Policies that Dallas Fire-Rescue will soon be adopting, in addition to the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the department. By participating, you are representing not only the department, but the entire nation.


The SAVER Survey takes approximately 10-15 minutesYou are contributing to the first national assessment to understand the mental health impact of the fire and rescue service. 


The survey will be open from October 5th through October 13th. We encourage you to take the survey as soon as possible during your work hours.


To access the survey, please follow the below instructions:


  1. Click the following link: SAVER Survey Assessment - Philadelphia Fire Department, PA
  2. Enter the survey password: saver 
  3. After consenting to the survey, enter your Employee ID.


(Important Note: this survey is only for active FSE’s and FSP’s in the department)


Help us, help you by completing the survey today!



2021 Platoon Scheduled (Corrected Version)

See below


Good Afternoon, 


As we approach the end of the year please remember the 2 calendar corrections. January 2021 pay days are on the 14th and 28th not the 7th and 21st. Below is the corrected version of the 2021 Platoon schedule. It is the same version blasted out earlier this year. Additionally, anyone who has dates and or pictures for this year's calendar please send them to 

Union Meetings October 6 & 8 Update

See below.


Union Meetings – October 6 & 8, 2020

Please be advised that Local 22 has and will comply with the City of Philadelphia Covid-19 mandate on Social Gatherings (see below) especially with our membership being first responders and on the front lines of this Pandemic.

Historically the number of attendees, even with the Covid-19 regulations in place, would allow everyone to attend. This means we will only be legally allowed to accommodate approximately 20 members at each meeting due to our legal occupancy.

Doors to the union meeting will open at 6:50 pm so if you plan on attending please line up at the door, and we will admit the appropriate number of members to comply with the city Covid-19 mandate.

We highly recommend if you have questions or concerns about the Executive Board’s decision to endorse the President of the United States for re-election to please email them to and in the subject put "Endorsement Question". Your questions will be consolidated and answered to the best of our ability in a timely fashion.

Currently, The Executive Board is also considering conducting a full membership survey mailing regarding the Board’s decision to endorse the President of the United States for re-election.

Union Gram 20-08


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Union Gram 20-06

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See attached for Union Gram 20-06

Union Gram 20-05


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Union Gram 20-04


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Union Gram #20-04

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Union Gram 20-03


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Union Gram 20-02


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Union Gram 20-1


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Capt. & Lt. Promotional List 2019

Congrats to all

Attached is the Captain and Lieutenant Promotional Lists Combined as a single PDF

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