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Beef n Beer for Lt Dan Bennett, L10/C and his wife.


LT. Dan Bennett L10/C and his wife were involved in a major motorcycle accident on May 14th, 2021.  They both sustained multiple serious injuries. Fortunately, they are both home and resting, they both have a long road to recovery. A Beef and Beer has been planned for July 10th to help ease the unforeseen expenses that this accident has incurred. 
You can request tickets from anyone listed above on the flyer.
Please come out and show support to one of our own.
Could the Officers from the station please Print this flyer and post in the station. Thank you.

Promotional Test Applications on City's Website


Brothers and Sisters,

The applications are open on the City’s Website for Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chief.

For Lieutenant and Captain’s Testing, Local 22 is aware that the “Written Examination – The computer-based written examination is scheduled for the week of October 11, 2021

Good luck to all, and please keep an eye out for General Memos with further information

IN Brotherhood

$20 Per member for LODD, Lt. Charles Grover


Per membership rules:

It is with deep regret that once again Local 22 has to remind all members to do a $20 collection per member, for the LODD passing of our Brother, Lt. Charles Grover.

Please give all monies to either your Steward or Station Captain.

All monies are to be delivered to Local 22’s hall no later than July 2nd

Thank you all

IN Brotherhood



Stango, Brickhouse cash bar.

FY 21 Wellness Incentive

Incentive documentation due by July 1

Documentation for the FY 21 Incentive is due by July 1. Email your Documentation to COVID Shots, Philly Fire Motivated Fitness participation, mandatory physicals, cancer screenings all count towards the Incentive. The Health Plan APP is also accepting registrations. Go on and click the "Health Plan App" header for instructions to download the APP. The APP will count as 1 of your Incentives.To verify what Incentives you already have completed Call "Jerry Kots" at 267-549-6326 during regular office hours.

Military Brothers and Sisters


Yesterday Local 22 had a meeting regarding the 360 military hours listed on your paystubs, and we are scheduling a Step-2 Grievance hearing for sometime within the next 2 weeks. We will keep you posted as things move forward. 

Also, Per conversation between Local 22 and HR, if you have been activated in 2020 and 2021 you can apply for the Act 17 Leave Request due to being quarantined before, during, or after your activation. Vacation days used should be reimbursable.

Attached is the GM and Request form.

IN Brotherhood

Union Gram 20-06

See attached

See attached for Union Gram 20-06

Union Gram 20-02


See attached for Union Gram 20-02

Capt. & Lt. Promotional List 2019

Congrats to all

Attached is the Captain and Lieutenant Promotional Lists Combined as a single PDF

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